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Visual - Mapping // Projection

Visuals Live SHOW:

Combining several high technology software and hardware B.O.T.N. team offers a visual experience like no other. With more than 5 years experience and working together with
our clients, we aim to create a visuals experience that represents the event best as possible.

In our live show visual mapping, RGB and UV lights blend and combine together for a harmonic atmosphere. We produce high definition video loops with real time parameters and audio react inputs. Videos and leds can follow the music of the event in real time. Visuals can cut and paste at the wanted surface or shape.We offer a brilliant modern style of projection with a strong focus on image quality.

Screen constructions designed to fit perfect with the environment around them.They can be built by several materials and techniks creating several effects such as double imaging, holograms or illusion effects with 3d animated models.