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Most of today’s stage design focuses on one element when it comes to creating a stage that is both impressive and functional for its performers. This usually means spending large amounts of the event budget on today’s most advanced lighting systems. We think a bit differently. While we agree with the importance of implementing some cutting edge lighting systems we also see there is a need to combine other elements to the design.

By combining these elements in a way that complements each other we have learned to create stages that have much more “personality”. These other elements include 100% hand painted backdrops (custom if desired), various theatrical textiles, visual projections, etc. By including these elements we create different platforms for the lighting designers to work their magic. In addition, a properly lit stage looks great during the evening hours however during the daytime you are often left with a standard, somewhat plain looking aluminium stage. Our design eliminates the boring daytime look. Instead you have one that is still full of life, colour, and creativity.
Festival Design: Similar to the stage design our team offers a “Total Overall Design”. Working together with the event producer we aim to create an overall look for your festival or event that holds the same feel throughout the whole area or areas. Often events have more than one stage or performance area therefore we feel it necessary that all areas complement one another and work together artistically. We like to create environments that are breathtaking in size and colour, day or night.
We also offer a full array of ultraviolet backdrops ranging from small sizes to the largest of sizes to fit every area or areas of your event or festival Our international team of backdrop artists offer a broad mix of content in their artwork. From the most psychedelic of nature to the more “usable in every occasion” style of art our team has something for your event. Custom backdrop designs are also available and can be made to order giving your event the most unique feel possible.