B.O.T.N. team - Deco+Visuals

Welcome to B.O.T.N. Deco Team Official Website

BOTN team is an talented visionary artists team that creates amazing fluo decorations & Visual, for indoor events and outdoor festivals.
BOTN team has a long history of working creatively in parties, big festivals and events, and create the most incredible decoration using
the highest quality decoration & visual designs  With unlimited design possibilities.
FIRST aim of our group is to create good feelings , harmony and magical events for people, BY covering the whole space of events and parties with colourful full trippy decoration and high definition visual.
The deco spectacles is a combination of high quality show technic, huge amounts of UV DMX lights and most incredible decorations what engtangles togeter with eachother creating complete visual experience for spectators.
The BOTN team's core values include: creativity, integrity, meaningful work, passion, personal development, self respect and teamwork.
Upon entering our WEB SITE, you will find an array of art projects, from  dance floor uv decoration to performances, from land-art installations to live visuals mapping.
Whether you create a small or big event  our team giving you the opportunity entering this WEB WORLD and meet  our long experience work decoration, 
having a taste and images from beautiful unique decorations-visuals and paintings.
This site contains biorgaphy and information about the deco group In gallery, selection from portfolio and works are presented in public.
our team can help you with designing, specifying and budgeting the right decoration & visual for your stage production or special event.
We are happy and excited to welcome you to our WEB MAGICAL WORLD: we can´t wait to share this experience with you!!!!!!

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.”

― Paulo Coelho