B.O.T.N. Decoration Team Biography

Michalis Dagiannis, the founder and main designer of B.O.T.N. made his first fluo paintings in beginning of 2002. First years B.O.T.N. as unofficial group what mostly did only was small underground psytrance events inside Greece.

First decos was brought under public eyes in Samothraki Dance Festival event.  The new decorations and the athmosphere that it created to event leave the audience speachless ,and after that B.O.T.N team was born.

Inspired from  previous designs and the unique way of creating visionary art and decorations in the way never seen before, the group desided to take the  whole concept of decorating events and festivals even step further towards complete psychedelic experience.

After that things got out of hands quite fast and new decoration has been painted and designed since daily.
Soon the deco productions and the visual/projections grow up and become a cutting edge visual design company that focuses on providing any kind of event with a completely original and highly creative atmosphere for the attending guests, artists, and industry.
Advanced lighting techniques in combination with various theatrical textiles result in a look that is innovative, functional, and completely unique.

First real comlete fluoro world in another country was presented to public audience in 2009 in Grotesque festival what was held in Serbia . For this event huge serious of new decorations, paintings and 3D creations was made and the response was really good and the crowd was totally amazed, it was the beginning of starting booking festivals and become recognizable in another countries.

Nowdays B.O.T.N team consist of 4 people: Michalis Ntagiannis, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Aimilios Syros, Stefania Theodoridou, and many more partners artists and friends. 
Our vision is to replace the standard, of event design and give people something that becomes just as important as the performance itself.After all those years we finaly manage to travel all over the world, cooperate and decorate the most famous and big festivals in this scene.

Always With new ideas and new decoration designs ,try to
thanx every people that still follow this music.

Below are some festivals & teams that we cooperate:

Event Productions:
(Eternal Motion, Free Frequency, Psychedelic.gr, Amorphia, Harmonia, Eudaimonia,Audio Design, Raumklang,Psybox, Tribes Gathering,Timegate,
Space Music Drops,Aftermath,ProgVision,Progressive Experience,)
!!!... AND MANY MANY MORE...!!!

*Samothraki Dance Festival (2002-2003)  - *Twilight Zone Festival (2005-2006) - *Butterfly Festival (2006), - *Aurora Festival (2008-'09-'10) - *Psyculture festival (2010-2011)  *Grotesque Festival (2010-2011), *M.C.F. Olympia Festival (2011) - *Chalikidiki Festival (2012), *Voltorn festival (2012) , *Burning Mountain Festival (2013), *Phoenix Festival (2013), *Tribes Gathering (2013), *Noise Poison(2013), *Dance xperience festival (2013 ),*Burning Mountain (2014),*Earthdrop festival (2014),*Ayata festival (2014),*Phoenix festival (2014),*Black Moon festival (2014),*Plur festival (2014),*Burning Mountain (2015),*Phoenix festival (2015),*GoodWill festival (2015),*Burning Mountain (2016),*Infected Guitars (2016),*Phoenix festival (2016),*Grenzenlos festival (2016),

!!!...AND MANY MANY MORE...!!!